A Technology Driven Lead Generation Company


  • Outbound Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Data Verification
  • Market Research
  • Increase Sales


  • Customer Service
  • Increase Sales
  • Document Processing
  • Lead Qualification
  • Appointment Setting


  • Healthcare
  • Medicare
  • Medigap
  • Solar Power
  • Extended Auto Warranties

Why Choose Leads Pro?

Leads Pro is a technology driven company with more than 20 years experience in Call Center Solutions. Propriety technology in data aggregation and automated audience targeting. Campaigns are built based on the outputs with a focus on personalization. A dedicated Leads Pro Team will handle hiring, training and performance to achieve your goals and expectations.

Most businesses are under pressure to manage or reduce operating costs. Hiring, training, and equipping a contact center team is a large ongoing expense. By outsourcing with Leads Pro, you can take advantage of our many services and support, without those additional costs. See tangible outcomes. Exponential growth. Increased profitability.

The customer service department is a core element of helping to form brand perception and determine overall business success. But providing solid customer service is no small feat, and setting up an effective customer service infrastructure is a huge undertaking for most businesses. Leads Pro Call Center takes that burden off your hands, so you can focus on your business. We help business stay ahead in the digital economy with our technology resulting in their success.

One thing that sets Leads Pro apart is our advanced technology. This is a huge advantage to your success, and sets us apart from our competition. We invest in modern software, smarter call-routing, and AI technology so you don’t have to! Technology that helps businesses analyze and optimize their Big Data to use it to identify new opportunities. more efficient operations, higher profits, and happier customers.

Call spikes happen to be one of our favorite topics to write about. Many contact centers have peaks in call volume as a result of holidays, bad weather, special promotions, and more. While call-backs are a cost-effective way of managing these spikes, Leads Prol can also help you manage high call volume.

Customers expect to be able to get in contact with you whenever they need you, not just when your office is open. Outsourcing your customer support department to our global 24/7 operation allows you to offer your customers anytime support, which is fast becoming a customer expectation.

Our Call Center Professionals stay up to date with technology and consumer behavior, and our expertise can set your business apart in the best way possible. The Leads Pro advantage allows your company to focus on getting better at the things it’s already great at.
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